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Mike - Restaurant Owner " I can't believe how great this software is!"   I now get this clever software to process my supplier invoices. No more printing out invoices, requesting missing invoices, reconciling supplier accounts and then filing these invoices in leaver arch files and storing them. accountsDRIVE does it all for me.   I do my own accounts and each month I used to have to lock myself in the office for two days, now it takes me two hours. The only thing I'm disappointed about is that I didn't start using it sooner.

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John - Accountant based in Dublin Before using accountsDrive, I had to wait for the bookkeeper to collect all the paperwork, input the supplier invoices, then reconcile the supplier invoices to the supplier statements to see what invoices were missing. Chasing the suppliers for copies of these missing invoices took more time. Since using accountsDrive, the bookkeeper's life has been transformed. It was easy to get set up and now the bookkeeper inputs the supplier payments for the month and hey presto! No more inputting, reconciling or chasing and hassling suppliers for missing invoices. I can now produce the accounts quicker, there are less mistakes due to the removal of the…

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accountsDRIVE launch advanced data extraction technology

By  admin - 11:56 am  October 3, 2015

accountsDRIVE are excited to announce that after eighteen months of development we have released our advanced invoice extraction software technology. The technology uses the latest Artificial Technology tools to automate the extraction of supplier invoice information and place it onto the accountsDRIVE platform ready for export into accounting software. The solution is seamless so does not require any intervention from the user of the software. All the information is captured an email based solution with all the correct tax and nominal codes applied to the extracted information. accountsDRIVE software solution is also able to apply multiple nominal codes within a single invoice, the only solution to be able to achieve…

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